Rhapsodic (The Bargainer, #1) by Laura Thalassa

This book changed my life, seriously. It was amazing!!

Rhapsodic (The Bargainer, #1)Rhapsodic by Laura Thalassa
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Laura Thalassa?!?!?! Where have you been all my life?

Hands down, one of my favorite Fantasy-Romance Authors EVER

SQUEEEEE…. This Book tho!!!

I haven’t actually taken the time as of late to pull out my computer and write a review (I really am sorry) but this book deserves a proper review, following the review I will be recommending it to all my fellow fantasy romance connoisseurs. Yes, it is that good.

speechless photo: castle speechless 340x.gif

Words, where are you words. How can I put how much I liked this book into words. Have you ever started reading a book, that completely consumes you? You find it hard to do simple tasks in your everyday life because your mind can’t stop roaming to what will happen next in your new favorite book? I was completely useless to my family yesterday, shopping in Denver – don’t even remember it. Eating lunch, what did I order? GAH this book

The book takes place with the normal human world as well as a paranormal world including Fae Kingdoms. Cassie is a Siren, who falls for the Fae King. I know what you are thinking – Been there, got the t-shirt. No, no no. This is written unlike anything I have ever read, it jumps back from present to past explaining layer upon layer of of some serious emotions. Throughout the story there is a type of mystery, that is being solved. With such Raw emotion, I am still reeling from this book hangover.

 photo 06ceeb14-e8e7-40a6-856e-df5c04a946ec_zpszilekpfd.jpg

Can we talk about this cover? Seriously it is freaking Gorgeous!, and depicts the book so well. Slow clap for you Miss Thalassa. Slow-freaking-clap.

Small disclaimer, in almost ALL of the paranormal books I have read the hot main male- character has long hair. No thank you, I prefer to picture the body of the character without a face. I do not like my men with long hair, so sue me. When I did take the time to try to think of a fairy King with long white hair that frames his face….. I had a small moment of true terror:

Labyrinth David Bowe photo: Jareth jareth.jpg

 photo b3d1c0ea-34ff-4947-847e-86971a34e098_zps95q1wfzr.jpg

OR Maybe she has a secret fantasy for Fabio?

 photo 8f6763e9-2d15-4085-badd-aae7b0bf1da0_zpspqhpj2vz.jpg

MY EYES photo: my eyes! myeyes.gif

ABORT, ABORT Too Soon??? I realize now, you can’t un-see that. Welcome to my life. All jokes aside, I highly recommend this book!

Reread in June 2017 – I just wanted to fully immerse myself in the next installment, and to do that I needed a refresher course. LOVE IT STILL!

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