Keystone (Crossbreed #1) by Dannika Dark

Keystone (Crossbreed #1)Keystone by Dannika Dark

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 – Philosophical meets trailer trash stars

Raven Black hunts evildoers for fun, but her vigilante justice isn’t the only reason she’s hiding from the law. Half Vampire, half Mage, she’s spent years living as a rogue to stay alive. When a Russian Shifter offers her a job in his covert organization hunting outlaws, dignity and a respectable career are finally within her grasp. The catch? Her new partner is Christian Poe – a smug, handsome Vampire whom she’d rather stake than go on a stakeout with.

They’re hot on the trail of a human killer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. One misstep during her probationary period could jeopardize Raven’s chance at redemption, and her partner would love nothing more than to see her fail. Will Raven find the courage to succeed, or will she give in to her dark nature?

My Thoughts:
I have had this book on my TBR shelf for a while. I liked it, I really did. Like with most books I read there were parts I loved and other parts that annoyed me. In the beginning, I really liked Raven, and then as the book went on…I was disappointed? Let down? I get it, she was a homeless mess, with no way to make money and start a life for herself. But the fact that she had to ask people for food, or bites of food? It was a little weird…
I did like her quirky comeback though! She and Christian made me laugh-out-loud on numerous occasions! Like when he was comparing her to liking a pillar of salt!

”Mind if I see your fangs?” “Mind if I see your cock?”

Whoa, that escalated quickly. I also secretly (now publicly) LOVED IT! Now, the reasons she annoyed me. She was known as the “Shadow”, yet she wasn’t even that bad ass? She was just lucky… ”I wanted to be the Shadow for real” Oh shut up twat, then stop making mistakes and doing whatever you damn well please!

”Half the time, I get them when they’re drunk, so their reflexes are impaired.”

Now, if we want to talk about amazing characters let’s talk about Niko. Niko was the shit! I pictured a crazy hot Asian man who could slice samurai swords like a ninja, but get you thinking about life like Dr. Phil. Or Oprah. You get the gist.

”Sometimes we have to relinquish those desires because we attach them to goals of no importance. Ambition can destroy you if you don’t learn to balance it with sacrifice.”

I also really enjoyed Wyatt, well actually I loved them all!

“Look, he likes you,” Wyatt teased. “Little does he know you eat wishes and dreams for breakfast.”

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