Latte Girl – by Katia Rose

4 HEA Stars!
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
Spark-note version:

Rich guy meets girl, guy has daddy issues. Girl is awe-struck, girl falls hard, guy fucks up. Ex gets involved, Rich guy loses all his money. They live happily ever after. Just kidding…kinda. I did LOVE it though!!

I loved how in the beginning, the chapters would overlap in the other persons POV so you get the full picture. I am also glad it did not stay that way throughout. Jordan and Hailey were pretty kick ass characters! I loved them, naked-pasta-eating Jordan was the ultimate book boyfriend! Yes, he had Daddy issues – but in the end, he made up for it. Making poor decisions for the sake of the morale of his employees was spineless, like most stories he just was caught in the worst situations.

Hailey was hilarious! She had a good head on her shoulders, with dreams she was shooting for. Her inner temptress was a perfect fit for her!
I absolutely LOVED that they would catch themselves in saying something very cheesy during their own inner dialogue.
Va va Voom? Really? Maybe I should lay off the flirtinis too”

Speaking of Flirtinis – I need one of those right now! My only issue would be wanting an epilogue or maybe a second short story? I want to hear more about how Jordan is coping with the fact that he is Broke AF.
Overall, I was very happy to have been given the opportunity to read this book!

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