Book Purchasing Obsession:

I had mentioned in my ‘About Meg’ post that I have a book-buying obsession. I feel as if it is time that I address that problem. They say the first step in overcoming your problem, is to admit you have one. My husband and friends can attest, my little hobby has gotten out of control.


But why? There are worse things I can be purchasing. Granted I am not purchasing educational masterpieces, I am still exercising my noggin. Brain compost (romance novels) can be just as educational if they are done right. Have you read any Penny Reid books?  She is a romcom genius! I swear my IQ jumps up when I read her books.

My daily routine consists of checking my personal email or more specifically the many ‘free’ or ‘bargain’ email subscriptions I am currently enrolled in; then searching their titles in Goodreads to validate my purchase. (If the rating is good, and some of my fellow GR-ers have read it, I buy it)

I say validate, because I seem to have to justify everything I purchase to make myself feel better. I worked hard today I deserve that $12 book. I had a shake for breakfast; I deserve that 1200-calorie dinner/desert combo. That e-book is not even $1, and I have not purchased one in a long time (Yes, I even lie to myself).

FreeBooksy and BookBub have been my favorite sites as of late. Do you have any idea how many free books are out there?? It is nuts. I have approximately 1000 unread books on my Kindle – and that grows by at least two a day. Do not even get me started on my paperbacks! Gifts, garage sales, remorseful auto-purchase items on amazon… (Did you know that you can have Alexa add books to your cart?) I have a dream, and that dream is to have a library. Very simple dream…#goals. However, I would also like to not have to work and be given free rein to read all day… with unlimited funds…My husband seems to think that is irresponsible to live in a fantasy world surrounded by fictional characters. I dare to disagree.

Now, we are getting off topic. Where was I….. Oh yes my crazy stupid book obsession. You see there is no way I would be able to read all my books in my lifetime if I keep acquiring books every day. I would like to set up a game if you will, I will not purchase any more books, I will only read what I have.

Just kidding, we all know I lack the self-control to do anything other than make poor decisions. As Matt Bellassai would say, “We all have to live with our shitty decisions” Amen brother.

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