Angelbound (Angelbound Origins #1) by Christina Bauer

Angelbound (Angelbound Origins #1)Angelbound by Christina Bauer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars



3 – Too YA for me
Literally me throughout the entire book:
I just do not know. I do enjoy a good Young Adult, as long as it does not feel like I am reading a middle school book. This book was almost too YA for my liking.
It starts with the main character Myla, who is a quasi-demon (human with Demon DNA), (even though we never really found out how in the family history that happened), who is a fighter in the Purgatory Arena. Purgatory, being their….world…area?? She hasn’t lost a battle, yet she has had zero, zip, nada formal training in fighting.
I felt pretty confused throughout the entire book. I get the whole mystery factor, but I hate feeling as if I am missing something to bring it all together in my head. The characters were also annoying; you are senior’s not SIXTH graders…. Just sayin.
Cisse, Myla’s BFF, was a little over the top. Both of them had such immature banter back and forth.

“But you should be my friend first.”

These bitches are petty AF. Her whole envy demon…. Also a golden retriever tail…. The conversation with the thrax undies…. It was almost too childish.
But here lies my REAL issue….

”Heat pools between my thighs.”

Let me get this straight, throughout the entire book Myla is acting like a stubborn, loud, rule-breaking, dreadful CHILD who all of a sudden is a hormone-infested teenager. Yes, that escalated very quickly. I am not even going to lie, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it just felt out-of-place.
Even the Ghouls, which I would like to point out- I have no real idea how they fall into the hierarchy of the angels vs. demons – other than they hate the quasi-demons:

“I want you all to practice running around the yard, flailing your arms, and screaming ‘Take me! Take me!’ On my mark. Set. Go!”

Does anyone else see how completely and utterly stupid that sentence is? No takers? How about this one:

“Although he wears standard-issue ghoul black robes, he always tops them with a red and slightly-cockeyed bow tie.”

Now we are just getting into a lower level of children’s books. The other thing that annoyed me, (yes I know I am having a rant session but whatever) was that it was all very cliché and predictable. She was declared as the ‘Greatest Warrior in Antrum’ with one fight someone else couldn’t finish off in the allotted time?…. mmmmmmokay
There were parts I did like; I mean I did finish it, so there is that. It kept my attention even if, I was making fun of it the whole time… Will I continue the series? I am not sure….

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