FREE Favorite!

FREE Favorite! (Yes you heard me correctly)
You know when you are so exhausted; everything in your brain blends together? Like you are going through the motions of your day without even really knowing what you are doing? That is exactly how I feel today. I have been awake since 10pm yesterday, and had to be at work at 5am today. So like all days of crazy book scoping, I am going through the motions of all the free books available to me. And guess what little gem I came across?
Painted Faces (Painted Faces, #1)Painted Faces by L.H. Cosway

You can get it from Amazon HERE



I absolutely LOVED this book! I will not even lie when I say, there were parts that made me feel downright uncomfortable, but 99.9% of the book was oh so good. If you are a complete square, twat and feel uncomfortable with cross-dressers, move along. This is not for you, but if you are open minded and amazing – Please give it a go!

Some of Freda’s favorite moments:

“I might not have a boyfriend, but I have cupcakes, and those tasty bastards haven’t let me down yet”
“I probably would have given him a chance by now if it weren’t for the fact that he bores the tits off me”
“I have never met Saoirse, but Nora talks about her a lot and I get the impression she’s a bit of a cunt”

This author also co-writes with Penny Reid, and for any of you who know me, know I want to be Penny when I grow up. Win-Win people!!

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