School Fundraiser…

I realize this post is of little or no importance to books, but I would just like to announce my child’s school programs are interfering with my reading time. They sent out a fundraiser 3 weeks ago, pans, kitchen gadgets and the like, not 5 days after that one ends, they want us to go around and sell cream cheese filled goodness. Do you know how hard it is to ask the same people twice in one week to buy stuff?

I’m all for supporting this fabulous school, but shit can you at least wait until I get paid again? While I’m writing a check (yes this is pretty much the only time I use them) I’m configuring how long until my next pay day to insure the check clears. God forbid you ask the 9 year old to go for a drive to get a cashiers check (the kid sits there staring like you just spoke mandarin, and pulled a fortune cookie out of your pants). Look kid, I have the funds now, but there is a 99% chance all left over funds will go to my book obsession.

Do you take credit cards? PayPal? In this day and age I’m surprised the school doesn’t provide mini iPads with those capabilities… maybe I’m in the wrong business. I sold wrapping paper and chocolate as a kid. They even provided 75 bars in advance, do you really think 12 year olds turned all that in? (I totally did, but other people’s kids were questionable).

Okay okay my rant is over. I just needed to express my annoyance with school fundraisers. Carry on.

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