RUSH (Rush #1) by Emma Scott

RUSH (Rush #1)RUSH by Emma Scott
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5 – I’m here for you stars!

crying photo: crying zoeeysobbing_zpsd23c8942.gif

OH the FEELS! Did anyone else have major anxiety issues while reading this book? I swear I kept hoping for the worst, and drove myself crazy thinking something was coming.. something big is gonna happen and shift this entire book off its axis. Angst The best word to describe this book.

nervous photo: tumblr_lifqeuMjTf1qbsbvb_zps9b36b410.gif

Noah was (view spoiler), I know I was not expecting it either! Charlotte was a Julliard Violinist who was completely lost. I suppose you could say they were both lost, each of them helping the other move past their inner obstacles.

…I slipped out of the car wishing I had worn something a little less casual than my dress and sandals. Like a tiara or one of those fur stoles that have the fox heads still attached. HA! It took a while for me to connect with Charlotte and really see what her personality was like. Once she was with Noah it was almost as if her character blossomed right in front of the readers eyes. Came our of her shell per say.

I am not even going to lie, I cried like a little baby. Noah, or dear sweet Noah. He finally earns the courage, only to have it smack him in the face. He was betrayed by his friends, family and coworkers and still had the guts to do what he did. Deacon, that dirty little scoundrel. WHO DOES THAT?? Human decency people. Human fucking decency. I wouldn’t do that to a healthy person let alone a (view spoiler)!!

disgust photo: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. tumblr_loh48313Pa1qkwc9zo1_500-threwupinmymouthalittle_zps07bb944b.gif

All is fair in love and war, Noah and Charlotte battle inner demons and find themselves in the process.! Highly Recommend! 

You can purchase it HERE

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