Four Psychos (The Dark Side, #1) by Kristy Cunning

Four Psychos (The Dark Side, #1)Four Psychos by Kristy Cunning
My rating: 5 of 5 stars




5 unapologetic psychopath Stars!!


This author is new – and I have no idea who she got to read her first book to make the ratings skyrocket but we can all learn something from her. Bow down to Kristy Cunning!

Why have I waited so long to read this book??? Oh yes, because the rest of the series has yet to be published.


I am an instant gratification type of person – and I have found that unless the entire series is already out – I rarely go back and read the rest. Which is actually really sad because I really do want to move forward, and see things through but I am far too lazy to A.) Remember book one after time has lapsed or B.) too lazy to reread book one to fully grasp book 2 after a times lapse. There are far too many books on my shelf for me to be rereading books #sorrynotsorry

This book though!!! SQUEEEE. At first I was like what the hell am I reading. But then everything started to click (kinda – we are still left out in the dark here…A LOT) but as far as why the reverse harem (don’t judge you have no idea). Keyla was hilarious. Seriously. FUNNY. Her inner/outer dialogue and simply her attitude on life is what dreams are made of. Even before she could be heard, she would carry on conversations that made me LOL

”As always, I walk from room to room, telling them all good night. They can’t hear it, but I do things like that. It makes me feel a little more normal.”


”Try to bring home a woman, and I’ll make farting noises while wearing a dolphin costume and acting like I’m humping each of you. See how long you can hold an erection then,””


”Lamar, however, is excellent company. We like chilling in companionable silence. Of course, he has no idea we’re chilling at all.”

I will admit once we got to the whole I-want-five-years-of-seduction thing, I was a little put off. Like really? I was also slightly annoyed at the lack of trust from the brothers – at the same time I felt it was necessary

I devoured this book in one day. That is how good it was. In all honesty it was a short quick read with not too much content – given the fact everything is super-duper secret. But the filler or “fluff” of simple banter between Keyla and the Four Psychos was worth reading in my book.
The cover and the synopsis leave much to the imagination. The synopsis alone leads you to believe it a ménage but it is so much more (and less) than that. It is just something you have to read and judge for yourself.

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