October Book Club Winner!

 Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland Buy it here -Amazon Link $3.99 Woooo Whoooo We have a winner! It was close there for a minute! I feel like for the sake of complete surprises, we should omit covers...  It was very obvious where everyone's head was in the poll.... How it works: Each Month we will... Continue Reading →

School Fundraiser…

I realize this post is of little or no importance to books, but I would just like to announce my child's school programs are interfering with my reading time. They sent out a fundraiser 3 weeks ago, pans, kitchen gadgets and the like, not 5 days after that one ends, they want us to go... Continue Reading →

FREE Favorite!

FREE Favorite! (Yes you heard me correctly) You know when you are so exhausted; everything in your brain blends together? Like you are going through the motions of your day without even really knowing what you are doing? That is exactly how I feel today. I have been awake since 10pm yesterday, and had to... Continue Reading →

Book Purchasing Obsession:

I had mentioned in my ‘About Meg’ post that I have a book-buying obsession. I feel as if it is time that I address that problem. They say the first step in overcoming your problem, is to admit you have one. My husband and friends can attest, my little hobby has gotten out of control.... Continue Reading →

Latte Girl – by Katia Rose

4 HEA Stars! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Spark-note version: Rich guy meets girl, guy has daddy issues. Girl is awe-struck, girl falls hard, guy fucks up. Ex gets involved, Rich guy loses all his money. They live happily ever after. Just kidding...kinda. I did LOVE... Continue Reading →

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