My TBR pile has gotten a little out of control…

I would like to fully disclose my awareness, on how out of hand my TBR (to be read) pile has become. I can no longer consider my GR’s (Goodreads) profile a network to meet fellow readers. I consider it my library platform. Receive a paperback – log is at “I-own-on-paper”. Purchase it on Kindle (granted many of the books I “purchase” are actually free”) – log it as “I-own-on-Kindle”.

NOW because there is absolutely NO way to properly keep track of all my books I have set unattainable goals for myself as to when I want to read them. I say unattainable because… I literally have 4,308 books I would like to read. Who has time to read that many books? My list continues to grow by 4 or 5 books A DAY! I would have to read 8 books a month – for the next 51 years of my life to read the books I currently own/want to read. Now if I acquire more books that number increases. Which we all know it will, I mean have you read any books from Mia Sheridan or Colleen Hoover? What about K.F. Breene or Ilona Andrews?? It is like my shelf has a mind of its own!
Add Kindle Unlimited, plus 4 or 5 FREE books a day – I am a hot mess when it comes to my TBR pile. I have started creating shelves labeled “Goal to be read in 2018… to be read in 2019…read next” I honestly don’t know who I am fooling. It is apparent I read whatever the eff I want… I think I am tricking my brain to categorize the books I REALLY want to read by setting a goal, when in reality I now have 183 books I need to read in 2018.

The joy in this dilemma, is that I know I am not the only one. I know I am not the only one to file a book away to be read….only to completely forget about it later. I also know I am not the only one to buy a book in its early stages, only to have it marinade in popularity while you forgot about it, and realize “Oh snap I own that very popular book. I even got it when it was free. Oh look now it is $10.99…”.


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