Hello Everyone! Welcome to my blog, that focuses on my love for both books and wine!

Reading is a passion that has somehow taken over my life. Two things I never leave the house without, is my iPhone and my Kindle. You never know when you may be stuck in traffic or stuck in an elevator… or have zero regard for life and need to escape for minute.

Whenever I’m asked what kinds of books I read, what my favorite genre is, there is always an awkward pause… This is where the conversation gets awkward.

Romance, I am a die-hard Romance junkie. Preferably a HEA kind, I loathe love-triangles and I enjoy immensely a strong female character.

When I was younger, reading was almost a chore for me. I am not even kidding; I either Spark-noted my way through book reports OR … (wait for it) had my mom read it… Don’t even judge me, we have all been there. #sorrynotsorry (*embarrassed* I am so sorry Mrs. Kelly, I partially deserved that B+) I am also not ashamed in the least to announce the series that turned my reading-life around. Twilight, yep you heard me correctly. Not even the book, I watched the movie first! I probably watched that movie 17 times on repeat before I was like alright, I’m all in. I need to know what happens. So Sparkly vampires, horrible acting (ahem Stewart), sexy Werewolf with hair so long it made me uncomfortable… kick-started my love of reading.

And now that I just read that out loud, I am debating this whole “blog” thing… but, the show must go on…

I currently am 28 years old, married to my high school sweetheart and together we have a 9-year-old (going on 18) little girl. I have a full time job in Accounting while also working retail on the side (someone needs to pay for my book habit). Habit? I would say more like OBSESSION. Seriously. I need help. BUT, we will leave that for another post, another day.

So wine and books huh? How do they go together? The obvious answer is they don’t duh! I just happen to love how they both make me feel. However, I can’t really commit to both of them at the same time. It never really ends well. I either end up with a book in a bathtub, or a glass of wine thrown across the room when something totally surprising (or uncalled for) happens. I can’t help it, I am a very emotional person; I am also Italian so I tend to use my hands a lot when expressing things (or I tend to throw things when angry…) Cue uncomfortable silence.

Anyways! I am new to this blog thing but I happen to be an expert at Google, and I hope you will share this journey with me!

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