October Book Club Winner!

 Beautiful Mistake by Vi Keeland


Buy it here -Amazon Link $3.99

Woooo Whoooo We have a winner! It was close there for a minute! I feel like for the sake of complete surprises, we should omit covers…  It was very obvious where everyone’s head was in the poll….



How it works:

Each Month we will vote on a different book, I know what you are thinking what if I do not like any of those four books?  Here is what I propose – If you have a book, you would like to have tossed in the poll – bring your suggestion to the Book Club (or let me know). If we only have four people bring suggestions, all four will go into the poll. If we have more than four, we will draw four selections out of a hat, (I am a fair cat).

We will enjoy adult beverages, snack items and answer questions or play games in reference to the book!

Some Helpful Tips while Reading:

  • Write down important page numbers (or bookmark in your e-reader), on items that made an impact on you. (I highlight quotes that make me LOL or ugly cry)
  • Does the book engage you?  Why or why not?⇒  Explore the characters, plot, point of view, and imaginative development (theme, symbols or irony)

Happy Reading!

Time and place details will be posted on the Facebook, Book Worm Group! We are looking at meeting on either the 27th of October, or the 3rd of November!

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